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'''Anthony Trollope''' (; 24 April 1815 – 6 December 1882) was one of the most successful, prolific and respected English novelists of the Victorian era. Among his best-loved works is a series of novels collectively known as the Chronicles of Barsetshire, which revolves around the imaginary county of Barsetshire. He also wrote perceptive novels on political, social, and gender issues, and on other topical matters.Nardin, Jane (1990). "The Social Critic in Anthony Trollope's Novels," ''Studies in English Literature, 1500–1900'', Vol. XXX, No. 4, pp. 679–696. Trollope's literary reputation dipped somewhat during the last years of his life,"What about Anthony Trollope? Was not Anthony Trollope popular, even during the days of Dickens and Thackeray? And who ever preached a reactionary crusade against him? Yet is he not fast disappearing from the attention of our novel readers? Trollope, unlike most successful novelists, was himself made...
Birth date{{birth date|df=yes|1815|4|24}}
Birth placeLondon, United Kingdom
Death date{{death date and age|df=yes|1882|12|6|1815|4|24}}
Death placeLondon, United Kingdom
OccupationNovelist; postal worker
Notable works| spouse = Rose Heseltine
Children| relatives = Thomas Anthony Trollope (father), Frances Milton Trollope (mother), Thomas Adolphus Trollope (brother)
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